Write permissions to datafile


First up, let me Thank you for this wonderful App, allowing me to not only crypt my data, but being able to access it on just about any platform I have is huge.

So I am using Banktivity on my MacBook Pro (Catalina) and I am used to store my data on Dropbox, so I could access the data from multiple Macs (Home, office…) anyhow it all worked great until I started encrypting the data on dropbox and mounting the virtual de-crypted partition using FUSE.

When I try to safe my data I get a dialog box claiming that I need to change permissions, i.e. can not write the data. I checked the files permission and it is 755 with me as the owner and staff being the group.

Any idea how to solve this? Is this a fuse issue?

Thank you in advance

Uwe Willenbacher


allow me to jump in on this observation as I believe to have a similar situation.

My setup is different that I have a shared vault across many users on my local desktop machine. The vault files itself are stored in a shared location, where everyone has access to by belonging to a group. I changed the mount and umask option for FUSE to use that group. When mounting the vault, the permissions are correct and respect the set options. However, when writing/updating the encrypted files to the shared location, the file permissions are not as set from mounted file system, but rather the OS default.

My question would be if this something out of the scope that the app has influence on? Meaning, when writing back to the file location on the disk it can’t change the permissions as set in the mount options?

I am running Cryptomator on a Linux desktop.

Thank you as well for the cross platform support. I highly appreciate the efforts.

Thank you,