Working with Cryptomator with Pages and iCloud Drive is a nightmare

I’m using the latest version of Cryptomator (1.10.1) on an M2 Mac mini with fuse-t 1.0.29 – and working with and saving my Pages files in iCloud Drive is a nightmare. It does not work. I almost always get error massages like on the attached screen shot: I am not able to save the file to another location or in iCloud Drive. The only way to save my work is to copy the text and open another Pages document.
Cryptomator was a reliable tool, but now on Apple Silicon chips and with fuse-t it’s not usable. I am really disappointed. I urgently need a encryption tool that works with iCloud drive. But Cryptomator is now having problems with the Apple Silicon version for more than a year. Why couldn’t this be fixed?
Regards, Ulf
(macOS Sonoma 14.0)

I know they say to use it with FUSE but it doesnt work well that way. Use Webdav (AppleScript) and everything works fine. Plus FUSE seems to always reset the dates of the files which makes it a mess too. FUSE sucks.

I was using WebDAV in earlier times (with an Intel Mac) but it also did not work properly. Then I switched to MacFuse and everything was ok. But no with my Apple Silicon M1 Mac fuse-t is a nightmare. Maybe I should give WebDAV again a try.

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Same exact problem here with Cryptomator and Apple Silicon + Pages/Numbers.

Would be more than great to find a fix for that! Thank you!

Ulf, have you tried downgrading to version 1.8.0? Seems to be working better according to this thread: Mac productivity apps such as Pages stopped saving with v1.9.0 · Issue #2936 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub