Word Corrupted files on Save with Cryptomator v1.7.4-x64

Posting this here to (hopefully) help someone avoid data loss. Win 1.7.4 has a problem with Office 365 / Microsoft Word data corruption.

Has anyone noticed that word is unable to save files - either existing ones or new ones - after installing Cryptomator v1.7.4? I’ve spent all day troubleshooting and restoring data from backups due to corrupted Word documents.

I was able to catch this Word Error: “Permission to the document you are attempting to replace is currently restricted. If you want to save this file, please use another file name.”

Word attempts to save a recovery file (~W000001.tmp) but both the recovery file and the original file become corrupted and cannot be recovered or used. The only way to recover is to restore a backup.

The error has been reproducible on multiple computers running different versions of Word, but each has v1.7.4-x64.

SOLUTION: Uninstall 1.7.4, reboot, and install 1.7.3 again.
EDIT: UPDATED SOLUTION: v1.7.5 Hotfix was released to address the issue. Thanks for your quick response, Cryptomator team!

Is this a known bug? I didn’t find anything after a few cursory searches for Word / Document / Corruption / Error etc keywords.

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I can reproduce this as well…at least similar data. For me the file appears to just not save and has this popup:

Screenshot 2023-04-06 232340

Windows 11 22H2
Cryptomator 1.7.4 WinFSP (local drive)
Office 365 Word

Try editing an existing file and saving - and see if it is corrupted or if you can open it. I’m curious.

I can confirm this on Ubuntu 22.10. Files become corrupted and application crash when you save in Cryptomator 1.7.4-x64. I reverted to 1.7.3 and the issue is gone. This is a critical issue since files become corrupted and work is lost!

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Thank you for your feedback.

We have investigated the cause of the issue and will provide a hotfix immediately. More details will follow very soon.

We’ve published 1.7.5 to address this issue. It was caused by an internal refactoring in our CryptoFileSystem implementation. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.