WinFsp mount as BOTH a drive AND a folder simultaneously?

Hello! I’m struggling with Cryptomator’s mount options, as I can’t seem to mount the drive in a way to get it to work with all my software at once. I use WinFsp (Local).

  • if I mount a volume as a drive letter, it lets me use WSL and other tools directly on the Cryptomator drive. But, I can’t use backup tooks like macrium.
  • if I mount as a folder and not a drive, this inverts. I can use my backup tools, but my WSL (and some other tools) fail to recognize the files.

Thoughts? I want both - I wonder if we can mount as both simultaneously, for example…

Hi. This is not possible.

As @Michael already wrote, Cryptomator cannot do that. But it is possible with Windows tools:

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subst! I think the last time I used that was to spoof mounting CDs on my old Dos machine.

Thanks for the tips. After some fiddling, it seems to work really well

  • if I run subst as administrator, it doesn’t reflect my local user, run subst as a local user
  • subst isn’t persistent so needs to be re-run on boot. People looking for a permanent solution should put a startup script.

This works really well. Both the folder AND the subst mapped drive works with my backup software and everything else, where mounting as a drive directly doesn’t. Further, some programs can’t see the mapped folder (e.g., pycharm), but can see the subst drive. Great!

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Hi, any chance to get more information how you managed it?
When i did: “subst z: \path\to\winfsp-folder” i can see the new drive in Explorer
but it is not mounted in WSL2 (/mnt/)

Would be nice if you can give me a tip. thx

I never got it to work robustly with WSL, and having to re-do it on each boot caused all kinds of issues… even with making a script, it depended on timing, etc. So I gave up.

This mount issue with Cryptomator - where I have to choose between access to my backup software vs. WSL, is the primary pinch point remaining from switching away from Boxcryptor.