WinFSP has no signature

On my windows machine, using Microsoft SysInternals Process Explorer utility, it shows the characteristics of all the running processes and the files that launched them. 73 out of 76 of the running processes have associated signatures, three do not and I investigated those three. One of the running processes without signature was launcher64.exe Windows File System Proxy by Navimatics LLC. That was installed during one of the cryptomator installs and I have been using it. VirusTotal considers it safe. I’m just curious what anyone else thinks about this (is it cause for concern?)

If it helps, here is a screenshot of the SysInternals Process Explorer

This Windows Filesystem Proxy (or Winfsp) is third party library, which integrates Cryptomator better into Windows improving performance and usability.

is it cause for concern?

Not directly. The digital signature ensures, that nobody changed the file after installation. See also Cryptography Tools - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs.

I escalated this issue to the maintainer of winfsp: Sign more installed artifacts · Issue #423 · winfsp/winfsp · GitHub