Windows, v 1.4.15: Problems saving PDFs with Acrobat Reader

Hi everyone,

I have trouble saving PDFs on a Windows 10 machine with Cryptomator 1.4.6 and (now still, after an upgrade) 1.4.15, using the Dokany driver.

The error message varies slightly, but always indicates that a write error / IO error occured.

I already found and read

as well as

but those issues were supposed to be fixed in Cryptomator 1.4.3 already.

Is it possible that I still somehow have to upgrade Dokany manually? Or is this an entirely different issue which I should open at GitHub?

What is your installed Dokany version? You can find it by navigating to Settings->Apps and search for “Dokan”.

It should be at least If not, please download the newest version from here and install it.

Ok, it actually was 1.2.something. After upgrading to it works.

So Dokan(y) is not upgraded automatically when I upgrade Cryptomator?

Ok, this explains a lot, then. :slight_smile: