Windows 7 / Linux Mint. Which versions to create compatible file?

Hi. Thanks for the add. I’m running Linux Mint on my laptop and Windows 7 Pr0 x64 on a PC in myworkshop. There are a number of reasons why I don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 on this PC, so the short question is: How do I run Cryptomator on both machines sharing the same vault in a PcloudDrive folder? The Linux pc wants to upgrade the vault created by the Win7 PC and the Win7 PC can’t open the newer vault. Before I spend any more time on this, I need to know if it’s going to work. I’m hoping the portable version on Win7 will do the trick. Or should I look for an alternative? I was using Cryptainer on the Win7 PC but it’s incompatible with Linux / wine. Thanks in advance. Al

See here:

That means you have to install on both machines cryptomator 1.5.x

(Please do not consider this as a recommendation. This version is very outdated, so is your OS)

Hello Michael. The only error I get with the portable version on win7 is: Command failed, so I guess from your reply this problem has been covered already. I thought the download page said V1.4 was the latest supported by Win7, so I’ll see if I can find the same version in the linux downloads. Thanks for the reply. It’s not a massive issue, worse case, I’ll run a Linux Virtual machine on the Windows PC.

Thanks again. I just checked the installer in Linux and it says Version 1.11.1, but the same version on the PC gives me the Win10 1803 build error so i’ll put this to bed. I know the OS is dated but I have some legacy programs that I really need. I’ll find an alternative or go down the virtual machine route, the PC is more than capable of running it.


If I understand correctly when you create a new vault on your Windows 7 machine and put it on your pcloud drive your Linux Mint machine is unable to open the vault without wanting to update it in some fashion? And you’re having essentially a similar problem in the other direction.

When you create the new vault are you creating it directly on the P Cloud Drive or are you creating it locally and syncing it up to the pcloud drive? If you’re creating it locally try creating it remotely first directly in the cloud.

Is there any chance that you have access to a Windows 10 machine? You could create the vault on Windows 10 which is what I do and I am able to open an access vaults using Linux Mint. Perhaps the Windows 7 computer will be happy with this also.

All you need to do on a Windows 10 computer is create an empty vault.

I’m not sure if it will work but here is another thing that you can try.
Go to winehq and install the latest version of wine on your Linux Mint computer and see if you are able to install the windows version of Cryptomator. This will let you create a new vault that perhaps both computers will be happy with.

In order to duplicate this I would need to install Windows 7 in a VM and then install kryptometer. I can do this but first try my recommendations and see if that helps. Otherwise I will try and duplicate your configuration and problem and see if there is a reasonable workaround.

I just reread your post. The problem that you’re having is that the most recent version of the software doesn’t want to install and run correctly on your Windows 7 machine correct?

If you go to the virtual machine route you can use virtualbox and create a shared folder with your Windows 7 host and access the cryptometer files that way.

I know it’s a more expensive option but you can do what I did as I also have a pcloud account. I purchased their end to end client server encryption option. I got it for $115 on Black Friday. It gives you a crypt folder on the server that only you have access to as the file encryption happens on the client not on the server. This would alleviate the need for you to use kryptameter in your configuration. You can access the encrypted folder from either windows or Linux. I do this now.

Hi. Thanks again for the replies. I know Win7 is not secure, hence me using Linux mint on my daily laptop. several PC’s including the the Win7 PC back up to a NAS device that in turn is backed up to the cloud via I have access to all my backup files but there are a couple that I would like to access / amend directly on the Win7 machine and not via the existing cloud backup. I’ve found a way of doing this with Veracrypt and pCloudDrive that does the job, so we can put this to bed now.

Thanks again. Al.