Windows 10 dark mode

It would be nice if the Windows 10 app could use the system setting for the dark mode.

We decided against mimicking system-native UIs (as we attempted up until 1.4.x) since we will never fully match a full native L&F due to the used UI toolkit.

Using native toolkits for every operating system is not feasible.

I understood it this way: Add an “Automatic” option that detects if the system is already in dark or light mode. Is this what you meant, @AUser?

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Yes. If I enable dark mode for applications in the Windows settings, Cryptomator should switch to dark mode as well, if that’s possible.

I second this, it would be great to have as I often switch between dark and light modes. At night my screen doesn’t go dark enough (I have no aircon and here in Barcelona I sit with the Windows open at night, so no light as to not attract bugs). It would indeed be great if this switches automatically. Same on Mac by the way.

I currently have it always in dark mode because of this but switching would be even better.