Will there be Amazon Drive support for the mobile apps?

We originally planned to support Amazon Drive. In order to do this, we’d need access to the Amazon Drive API.

We already asked Amazon for access to their API but they denied our request. Thus, Amazon Drive – although we would like to – can’t be supported at this time.

Additional details are documented here. Should Amazon publish the API or grant us access in the future, then we would be glad to integrate Amazon Drive.

If Amazon Drive is the only cloud storage service you’d like to use with Cryptomator for iOS, you can get a refund from Apple: https://reportaproblem.apple.com

The RESTful API here https://developer.amazon.com/fr/docs/amazon-drive/ad-restful-api.html is not enought?
I’m not trolling I’m not a developer. I’m not sure to understand what you need.
That’s too bad because that’s why I bought the APK… :confused:

The Amazon Drive API and SDKs are currently closed to new developers


It’s not just “currently” closed, it has been closed for years.

Thank you for your answer. So there will be no way to use Amazon Drive with Cryptomator on a device with iOS? On the mac, it should work with mountinduck, right? I would like to store my file on a cloud storage using EagleFiler, but encrypt the data beforehand using Cryptomator. Of course, I also need access from my cell phone.

Actually not

Right. (Cyberduck should work as well)

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: Can you shortly explain me the difference between mountain duck vs cyber duck

With Cyberduck, you can access remote files via their GUI. That means, all file operations have to be handled through the application.

With Mountain Duck, you can mount remote locations to your filesystem (like Finder or Windows Explorer) so that the remote files are accessible via a virtual drive.

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Thank you very much for making this clear for me.