Will there be a Black Friday sale for iOS?

I really love Cryptomator and wanna buy it but it’s very expensive in my country. Will there be a Black Friday sale please?

I doubt that.

(and my personal opinion: 10 bugs is far away from „very expensive“)

@Michael I also think 10 bucks is not a great deal, but this always depends where do you live in the world. In the Google Play Store you set a price which applies in general to the whole world and in different parts of the world 10€ can (in extreme cases) be the income of a whole month or the income of less than a hour. Also the exchange rate is fixed at the time where you released the specific price and can only updated manually.

@supergamer We did not plan a Black Friday sale, but I’m sure there will be something for christmas (;


Just bought it. Thanks for the sale! :smiley:

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