Will there be a backup/restore function for vault masterkeys, config and folder structure for safe keeping?

This will be helpful to reconstruct a vault to recover data were master keys got deleted or moved around, and where d and m subfolders got deleted or moved around.

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That’s what the version history of some cloud storage services are for, so they might be why the creators didn’t work on that aspect for Cryptomator.

At least with Sync.com, a moved file is treated as a deleted file, which is annoying in most cases, except perhaps in this one.

I hope that helps! It’s what I use with Cryptomator.

I get what you’re saying. I don’t discount backups - local or cloud, versioning, logs from cloud services, recycle bin to recover and restore data but I feel that the application should have some features that will help the process or reconstruct recovery on its own or in conjunction with backup strategy and cloud services. I think the difficulty is that encrypted files names are obfuscated, folders are structured differently, masterkey names for each vault are the same and these adds to the complicity of figuring stuff out. Below are list of features that I think are helpful in this regard.
-Naming unique master key
-one click backup of vault master keys
-folder and file structure enumeration log to compare with existing running file and folder structure
-encrypted files and folders audit trails

Hi! I really appreciate all the ideas. We‘re currently planning a major UI redesign, which might be the right time to add some of the features. If you like to elaborate how the workflow could look like, that would be a helpful comment on the redesign thread! :slight_smile:

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Those are good ideas.
esp. the last two, would make it easier to track unwanted changes

I guess when users create a new vault, it could have the last three options enabled by default with the option to disable them. This way it doesn’t get in the way of things. Then on the page/view for each vault, the options could be disabled once again. It would be more like a set it and forget it cluster of features.