Will OneDrive Sync the unencrypted (decrypted) files when I open the vault?

Hello All

I am new to Cryptomator so please allow this simple question.

I know that people use Cryptomator as it is a powerful tool to encrypt private files, specially on the cloud like when using OneDrive.

The question is, if I setup the drive to be on OneDrive folder so it will sync to the cloud, will OneDrive upload the decrypted files once I open the vault? Wouldn’t that compromise the security of my files?

Can someone explain to me how to do this safely so OneDrive will be totally blind of what files I have in my secured Cryptomator ?

No, the decrypted files will be available in a completely different place on your file system.

I.e. as long as you didn’t configure OneDrive to sync all your data in all places (which is unfeasible if not even impossible), it doesn’t even know your decrypted data exists.

Inside your OneDrive directory there will only be the encrypted files.