Will my cloud backup be up-to-date if I leave Cryptomator permanently unlocked?

Morning folks, I’m trying to set up Cryptomator with iDrive to automatically backup my latest file changes (encrypted within my vault) to Someone Else’s Computer every night.

I’m mostly concerned with having my data encrypted in the cloud, so Cryptomator is unlocked pretty much permanently unless I go away overnight or take my computer somewhere.

So my question is; will my automatic cloud backups still be encrypted and up-to-date?

Also, what would happen with my files in the event of, say, a hard drive failure if Cryptomator had been left open?


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An unlocked Cryptomator vault is like an intermediate filesystem layer between the files you see in the inside the unlocked vault and the encrypted files on the vault storage side. As long as there are no write() or read() commands from external applications (e.g. Microsoft Word says “open document buissnessplan.docx”), nothing can happen as for any other storage device. Data loss can only happen, if the crash interrupts a write() command or if cached data is not written.

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Thanks for your detailed response!