Why Windows 10 LTSB 16.07 is not supported?

It has an official support and the only one program in the world which is not working is Cryptomator 1.5…

1607 Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) Mainstream support end date 2021-10-12
Cryptomator for Windows
Version 1.5.0 • Changelog

Minimum: Windows 10 Version 1703
This program does not support the version of Windows your computer is running.

Hi Costas, stay tuned for tomorrows update, which will support all Windows 10 versions.

Here it is :slight_smile:

Since 1.6.0, usage of Cryptomator is not possible anymore under Windows 16.07 LTSB!
I have no possibility to upgrade Windows due to company restrictions. Could this be fixed?

No, not intentionally.

Windows 10 1607 LTSB reached end of service already in 2019, and recieved since then no security upgrades anymore. In the case your company is not aware of this, you should reach out to your IT department and inform about this issue.

Unfortunately, this isn’t correct. 1607 LTSB has reached mainstream support end,
but security updates will be provided until 2026:

I’d really like to continue using cryptomator on my work computer…

My bad, i only read the service announcement from 2020.