Why the 220 byte limit for the file paths?

Both NTFS and EXT4 seem to support 255 and at least Windows lets you make it longer with a Registry edit.
Right now I’m on LInux EXT4 and I’m pretty sure some of my files are in so many nested subfolders that they likely exceed 220 bytes for their path string.
But I don’t see Cryptomator complaining.

  1. Is Cryptomator just silently skipping those files/folders?
  2. Can I increase the limit from 220 to 255? What’s the reason it’s not 255 to begin with?

Cryptomator will shorten the encrypted path if the limit is reached.
The reason is that some online providers do not allow very long file paths.
See here: Security Architecture — Cryptomator 1.7.0 documentation

Understood, thank you.

Is there a limit to the unencrypted file path length, though, as far as Cryptomator is concerned?
Is there a probability something can go wrong, like failure to shorten certain strings?
Or should I be okay as far as Cryptomator is concerned?

I am not aware of a limit here.