Why is WebDAV the default?

I downloaded the app for Windows-from what I can gather from the website, WebDAV is for experts and I don’t even know what it is. Why did it default to setting the “port” at 42127 or something and then there’s a long website looking address as well as a drive number? It also won’t let me create a list vault locally on my computer in a folder like I had read I could do.

That’s the way a windows WebDAV drive looks like. The WebDAV network drive is the open door to your vault. Even if the vault is located local.

Please tell exactly what you do and what you expect.
You can create local vaults.
Just select a local folder when creating a vault.
But: you’ll have to place the files you want to encrypt into the network drive that appears after you have opened your local vault.
If you want to store the vault online make sure that it is local located in a folder that is synced by your storage provider. Cryptomator does not sync. This job is done by the provider app (gdrive, onedrive, whatever)

Thanks for answering Michael, I know it was all over the place.

I tried to just make a folder on my desktop to see what a vault looks like, like storing files in a folder and even if that isn’t what you’re supposed to do, the error msg was abt me not having admin privileges despite being on my computer’s admin account. I soon got all sorts of error msg trying to do anything, as well as “failed to instantiate (insert any program here) though pIDidpatch looks fine. Weird.” It literally said “weird.”

I guess I was expecting to put things in the vault folder and see a jumbled mess. Which is stupid of me cause then how would I use them? Instead I see some original files, along w/ a folder called d, m, p, and IV.

On the iPhone app, it has me directly hooked up to gdrive and Dropbox and says I haven’t added any WebDAV folders. On my laptop I have network discovery off and don’t think I should have been able to do that, even though it did it for me.

You are right. But I guess you’re just looking at the wrong directories.
Let me explain:
Let’s assume you’re using google drive. And let’s assume the folder c:/gdrive is the folder your google drive backup and sync app is syncing with your gdrive online storage.
Now, create a vault with cryptomator and select c:/gdrive as its destination. Let’s assume you name your vault “test”.
Cryptomator will now crate a folder c:/gdrive/Test. In that folder you’ll find 2 files (masterkey and its backup) and a folder m and a folder d
When you open your vault test, a new drive will appear. This is the WebDAV drive which is the door to your opened vault. All files placed in that new drive will be encrypted. Place some files here and you can see that there will be a bunch of crypted files and folders in c:/gdrive/test/d. These are the encrypted files.
And as this folder is synced to gdrive, only your encrypted files are stored online.
Wait until google backup and sync has finished its sync and all encrypted files are stored in your gdrive account.

Now: open your iOS app, select “add existing vault”, select the gdrive button, and navigate to the folder “test”. Select this folder as vault. Now you can access your encrypted files also with your iOS app.

Hopes this makes clearer how cryptomator des top and iOS work together.