Why does Cryptomator on macOS force users to store their passwords in Keychain?

Hi all, I’m a long time supporter of Cryptomator, but the lack of iOS integration meant I haven’t used the app as much as I would have liked. I’m certain the macOS app used to allow users to enter passwords each time they wanted to decrypt a vault, but I just installed the latest version and there is only 1 option – to store passwords in macOS Keychain.

Is this a bug? Why is there no option to enter a password ad hoc ? Forcing users to store passwords in keychain, which has an all or nothing strategy, is a very strange weakening of Cryptomators threat model use cases, and prevents every macOS user, who is critical of Apple’s cloud architecture and security practices, from using cryptomator (if they do backup their keychain – which is most users).

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Only if you click e.g. in the unlock process “Remember password” the password is saved. In addition since version 1.6.0 Cryptomator supports plugins where can be used to store those passwords somewhere else. One plugin already exists to place the vault passwords in KeepassXC, implemented and maintained by PureJava. Further options will follow as soon as other plugins are implemented.

To summarize, you have currently with the new app three options:

  • enter the password with each unlock
  • store passwords in Keychain
  • store passwords in KeepassXC

Ah, great! Thanks for the quick response @SailReal. I think the UX would be much clearer if this preference matched the language used in the corresponding vault field, maybe by calling it Default "Remember password" location, or changing the vault option to “Store passwords with macOS Keychain” and using their preference default when they click the “Remember password” checkbox, like so:

Either way, In the future I hope there is a dropdown that allows the password store to be selected on a per vault basis (and obviously multiple stores are allowed).

I store my passwords in a 3rd party password manager for both iOS and Mac OS and choose to enter the passwords for vaults manually each time I enter a vault. While it will be nice when more plugins are available for Cryptomator to store passwords I’ll likely continue to manually enter them out of habit and what I consider good practice.