Why cryptomator pretends to be better than others?

Hi, many encrypt apps are available.
Please tell me (… and I would also suggest you to put it on you web page as advertisement…) why cryptomator is better than Veracrypt, GnuPG and AxCrypt.
Best wishes

I haven’t gotten a snobby vibe from Cryptomator. When I was asking what to use in my external HD, one of the devs (I’m terrible with names) said that I should use Veracrypt instead.

I’d like to think that Cryptomator is much easier to use instead, yet just as secure in terms of encrypting files. If you’re comfortable in using the other programs, you’re more than welcome to do so.

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Hi, this is a good question and I’d like to share my own opinions as I’m also a cryptomator user:

Veracrypt is a good and crucial product which could encrypt a whole drive or an image and provide an easy-to-use interface. When an image or disk is mounted, the encrypted files could be decrypted on-the-fly. But it is not designed for cloud syncing which means you could not easily sync a “single” file in an encrypted form. You could only upload an encrypted image as a whole or try other solutions.
GnuPG is a crypto engine which means if you would like to get it to work, you need other frontends or tools, especially for the non-technical people, like me :slight_smile: By far, I haven’t found a good solution for encrypting and syncing files automatically for the cloud files…
AxCrypt is also a good one but… Windows only.

So, unlike veracrypt, GnuPG and AxCrypt, Cryptomator is designed for encrypting those files you want to upload or sync to a remote place such as dropbox, google drive, etc, And thanks to easy-to-use interface and the overall design, a tech-dumb like me could handle the scary encrypting process and all the encrypted files could be instantly accessible once you unlock the vault.

About the vault in cryptomator, it is not a “vault” like the image created by Veracrypt, it is (they’re) the folder and files encrypted in your cloud services’ sync folder. So any changes to a single file could be synced to the cloud easily without upload the whole container.


  1. Cryptomator is designed for encrypting the files you want to do some cloud syncing work. By far, I think this is the best solution for encrypting the files before syncing to any cloud service.
  2. Cryptomator is cross-platform so you don’t need to worry about if it’s not available on a new platfrom.
  3. Cryptomator is easy-to-use even you’re not interesting in the crypto-related techs could also enjoy the security.
  4. If you wan to encrypt something other than the files syncing to the cloud, Veracrypt is a good choice.