Why can’t I move files into the vault?

I had read that for the desktop app you can just drag and drop files into the folder that says “Cryptomator vault.” I tried, at first it worked but then I got an error msg and the few files that made it in there show 0 kB. The others are a folder called “d” and “iv.” Is that what should be there? I was just under the impression that you have to actually put the photos etc in the folder that says Cryptomator vault, otherwise they aren’t encrypted. Then again, if it’s a scrambled mess, how can I view files? What am I missing?

For the iOS app, I can’t move anything around, and I’m unsure if that is because the Windows app had it set to WebDAV port 42127 by default, when I don’t even know what WebDAV is. It also wouldn’t let me change it and kept going back to that setting. It wouldn’t let me create a vault locally either which I had read you could do. Thanks.

What message exactly?

No. It should be „d“ and „m“. Here your encrypted files of the vault are saved. Do not drop unencrypted files here. Always drop unencrypted files in the new drive that appears when you open your vault.

Place them in the network drive that has the same name as your vault. And yes: only if files are placed in the network drive they are encrypted

No, the windows desktop app and the iOS app do not affect each other. Just leave the devalue values.
I guess you don’t see anything in iOS because your vault is empty (because you did not place your files into the network drive on desktop), or the sync of the encrypted files with your online storage has not started/finished

Thanks yet again, I appreciate it, I answered some of your questions in the other thread you helped me with. I’m feeling like I should delete and start over. But on the iOS app I did move everything into the Cryptomator vault. Can I move them back or is there a risk of losing files here? They are not scrambled looking or anything. I feel like an idiot here!

No, you can just move them back

iOS app directly connects to the online storage (eg dropbox). If you use your web browser on your desktop and visit your online storage, you’ll finde a mess of cryptic files stored in 2folder m and d. These are the encrypted files. If you open the iOS app, you see the unencrypted files in the app.