Why am I forced to migrate the vault and lose the ability to use the recoverykey before the migration?

Why am I being forced to migrate my vault? I am in this condition:
a) I have lost my password;
b) I have the recoverykey of version 1.6.8 of 12
april 22
c) I can’t use the recoverykey release 1.6.8 because it is missing
the ‘reset password’ function in both 1.6.8 and
It doesn’t seem to me that this has done a good service to cryptomator users.
If one has the recoverykey you should be able to use it in case you lose the password: or not?

Under the “Vault Options” under “Password”, you should be able to “Recover Password”. It looks like that it was renamed to “Reset Password” in a later version but the functionality is the same.

thanks tob. but that option does not appear. I’m trying with 1.6.8 (from original crypto site) and neither change password nor recovery password appears(appear only change password in 1.4.3 but anything else imageopt1.4.3). Here is a screenshot of my screen with the options allowed ib 1.6.8: 1.6.8
I tried to use cracker but both in windows and Linux it doesn’t do anything with my old masterkey.cryptomator. The cracker only works on masterkeys taken from new releases (new vault) of cryptomator like 1.9.3 or 1.6.8.
But my masterkey that goes back to Format 6 is not being considered at all and cracker does nothing.
a nice mess!


The recovery key was introduced with version 1.5.x, which also introduced vault format 7. It’s not possible to have a recovery key for a vault in format 6. Of course, you can always upgrade the vault to a newer format and then display the recovery key, but then your vault isn’t in format 6 anymore. And if you created a vault with 1.6.8 and saved the recovery key for that, the vault is in format 8, not 6.

In summary, it’s not possible to reset the password of a vault in format 6. This feature was added later in version 1.5.x and requires the vault to be in format 7 (or with version 1.6.x in format 8).

See: Vault Format History — Cryptomator 1.7.0 documentation

This is my masterkey.cryptomator masterkey
which has vesrion six, of which I got the recoveryKey before the old pc broke. Only this I have. So I don’t understand why with these two cryptomator essentials elements I can’t overcome the hurdle of having forgotten the password.

As he explained (and I also explained in your other post: it is not possible that you have a recovery key for a vault with version 6. because the function to generate that key was not available for vaults with version 6 or lower.

alright, i will have a recovery key for a later version and a version six masterkey.
it will be like this.
Thank you