Wht happens if a Cryptomator vault is encrypted by the cloud storage provider? (IDrive)

So, here’s what I want to use Cryptomator for:

  1. I have a 2 TB hard disk with most of my main data.
  2. I just got a 5 TB hard disk to backup my data. So, I will create a few different vaults for different categories on this drive, and backup my data from the 2 TB one to this 5 TB one. I’ll use Syncbackpro to automate it, and it’ll also keep multiple versions + verify the integrity of the copied files.
  3. I’ll then upload these files to my IDrive personal backup, which is also of 5 TB.

The problem here is, IDrive provides its own encryption, which I don’t think can be turned off. I don’t fully trust their encryption to be zero-knowledge, and they do not encrypt file names or directory structures and hence I wanted to use cryptomator specially for those features.
However, will IDrive’s encryption mess with Cryptomator’s encryption? IDrive has two options: 1) their own server encryption, or 2) Choosing a private key. I was going to go with a private key option, but I realized that this would result in a ton of encryption on each file, and I wanted to know if that would create any problems.

I haven’t been able to test it yet, but I will test with a few small files first to know if there are any issues. If anyone has experience or can explain to me if this would be fine, or if I should not use Cryptomator for this purpose (and suggest any alternatives for file-name encryptions). And I would also appreciate it if someone could validate my backup strategy, and if it has any flaws.


No it won’t. You can encrypt a file multiple times without creating conflicts.
You will not gain more privacy with that, but it also should not cause problems.

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