Where's my decrypted volume in Linux?



Using Cryptomator 1.4.6 for Linux on Linux Mint 19, I can successfully unlock a vault, but no drive window opens up, no new volumes show up… nothing. I don’t appear to have any access to my vault. Where do I find my decrypted volume?



I am using Manjaro, but i guess it should be the same.
all “decrypted” folders can be found in .Cryptomator folder in home directory. The folder name is unfortunately not very helpful (e.g. zxHBkHzUQ9M7_0 as of v1.4.5-1, I remembered previously it was the vault name).


Thanks! I could have SWORN it automatically opened my unlocked vaults before. Anyway, I found it there, so THANKS!


Check “Reveal Drive” in “More Options” before you unlock the vault and you are back in business :slight_smile:


Note that update 1.4.6 changes the mount point to ~/.local/share/Cryptomator/mnt (see full changelog: https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/releases/tag/1.4.6).