Where passwords are stored on Windows?



I read, that passwords are stored in Windows Credential Manager.
But i found no entry there. I found a keychain.json-file unter AppData/…/Cryptomator.

For example in Cyberduck i found Passwords in the Credential Mananger as documented: “On Windows, passwords are saved in the Credential Manager. You can view and delete your saved login information in Control Panel → User Accounts → Credential Manager → Windows Credentials.” (https://trac.cyberduck.io/wiki/help/en/howto/connection#Passwords)

Are passwords really stored in Credential Manager or can anyone, who has access to my AppData-Folder, get the Infos, he needs, to open my vaults?

If this is so, is it possible, to take the sourcecode from cyberduck, to store passwords in Credential Manager?