Where is my donation key?


how do i get a donation key? i donated 15€ a few months ago and have a paypal receipt, but never got a donation key for it?


Donation keys are “new” and have been introduced with the recent update. Past donors don’t “automatically” get a donation key but they can apply for one if anyone else stumbles upon this.

Sent you a direct message so that we can verify the past donation. :wink:

I have the same issue. Also donated a few months ago.

Sent a direct message.

Same here :innocent: @tobihagemann

I donated 3 years ago, do I qualify?

I purchased the Android app six months ago, I hope to be eligible for a donation key

Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), Android, and iOS are different apps and a license of one app doesn’t grant a license for another one.

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Donated on 8 March. Can I have my key?

@ tobihagemann

Donated just now, ppplease hand me my key so I can get rid of the little annoying red dot. :grinning:

key should be sent via mail. not need to explicit request it after you donated.

To avoid confusion, there are two ways of donations but only one results in a donation key. See the description on our webpage:

As this topic was originally opened for: For past donors (donation before the 17.04.2020, 00:00 CEST), you can request one donation key for free. To do so, post a message in this thread.

Please send me my donation key

Have you used the “buy a donation key” function on our website and not received a key, lost it or how can we help?

Update: I’ve located my licence key so no further help needed.

Hi folks. Thanks very much for this utility. As I have been using successfully for a while and value your work, I decided to donate to support you. As I don’t want an invoice for accounting purposes etc, I used the ‘just donate’ option. I was expecting this to generate a key. Looking at this forum, I can now see I have followed the same steps as numerous others and not got a key by using the incorrect option. PLEASE can you update your pages to explain that if you do not use the ‘Buy Key’ option, you will not be issued with a Key (and so can not make the irritating little red alert disappear). Thank you and Good Luck for 2021.