Where is Crytopmator installed on Ubuntu 16.04?

I installed Cryptoomator using the command line, on Ubuntu 16.04. I can find the icon, but clicking it wont’ start the app, and trying to start if from the command line gives me ‘command not found’ error (which might be a PATH issue). I tried to find where cryptomator is installed by come up empty. The log file (as indicated in another post) does not exist in ~/.Cryptomator… In fact, this folder does not exist. I’m not very experienced with Linux, but can follow instructions. So, finding the installation log file and the program would be a helpful starting point. Txs


I dug a little deeper, and found the installed cryptomator files, including /usr/share/applications/Crytomator.desktop and /usr/bin/cryptomator.sh. The .sh file points to the ~/.Cryptomator directory, but this is missing (and there is no .Cryptomator directory anywhere else, either). I think that’s the problem. Uninstall and reinstall?

Update 2:

I can now get it running, by switching to /usr/bin, and running ‘sudo ./cryptomator.sh’. Even though I changed file ownership from root to me, I can only run it as sudo. Is this safe?

Hi, I’m using Ubuntu 16.04, as well. However, I installed Cryptomator via the PPA provided here Cryptomator.org Download-Website. The installation routine created a desktop-file and the folder ~/.Cryptomator. So perhaps reinstalling the application via the PPA would be a solution?

Regards, Stefan