Where did Cryptomator go?

Senior aged newbie here. Had Cryptomator on my task bar, downloaded Google Drive and now Cryptomater is gone and drive is in its place. I understand (I think) the 2 programs sync but now my vaults are gone and cannot find Cryptomater anywhere and the files I had there are not on drive. What have I done?

  1. Cryptomator only does encryption. No sync.

  2. Your Google drive desktop software must be properly configured and connected to your Google Drive.

Presuming that you created the vault on your Google Drive the vault is probably still there you just need to make sure you have the Google Sync program properly configured so that you have a drive letter pointing to your Google Drive.

You can go to the website and download the windows software if you don’t have it and just reinstall it

After the software is reinstalled and you can open it again you will need to choose open an existing wall and navigate to the folder where you created The Vault on the Google Drive.

Give that a try.

I tried to download Cryptomator again but could not as all that would come up is a repair function. Clicked on that and was told it was successful but nothing changed. Cryptomator is still missing in action.

You can check if Cryptomator is installed by searching your installed apps in the system settings.
On an english system, open the Windows menu with the Windows-key and enter “Installed apps” and hit enter:

In the opened window, enter “Cryptomator” in the search field:

If you can see an entry for Cryptomator, it is already installed. You can start the app similar you opened “the installed apps” window. Enter “Cryptomator” in the windows search and select the rigth entry.

Note, that you want to open the installed app, not the installers.