Where are deleted files stashed?

Where does Cryptomator stash deleted files? I’m running out of cloud storage space and I want deleted items in some bin taking up space.

I mean I don’t want deleted items taking up space.

What cloud storage are you using? Usually, Cryptomator for iOS deletes items when instructed. Maybe some cloud storage providers don’t delete them permanently. But in that case, you should be able to delete these files permanently via the cloud provider itself.

Thanks. I appreciate the response. I use google drive 15gb. No way I would have put so much in the vault to bust my limits. They’re mostly word files. But before this I had used Boxcryptor free version in the Google drive. I deleted that and replaced it with Cryptomator. Now Google tells me I’m busting my limits. I’m not particularly tech-savvy. Maybe I’m doing something stupid.

Possibly something in own Google Drive’s trash bin?
If I remember correctly it also counts to the total storage used.

Thanks. Yes, that’s the problem. Apparently Google does not always empty its bin properly. There are articles on how to empty the Drive’s bin. Among the suggestions: use another provider!