When will CLI be stable and could mounting be simpler?


The Cryptomator CLI has been around for years but is still marked as unstable : when will it be stable ?

Also, there’s that WebDAV layer : could it be automated by Cryptomator or replaced so that the user wouldn’t have to mind it ?


Not 100% sure what you are referring to. If you’re looking for a reliable way to connect to a webdav server that is different from the method that you are using today you might want to try the open source tool called Rclone.

This is what I use when I need webdav connectivity. You can either start it manually with a batch file, or turn rclone mount into a service on Windows or daemon on Linux.

What I mean is, currently the CLI can’t do everything on its own and requires the user to do that extra step, so I’m asking for the possibility of not requiring it.

e.g. something like this :

java -jar cryptomator-cli-x.y.z.jar \
    --vault demoVault=/path/to/vault \
    --password demoVault=topSecret \
    --mount demoVault=/media/your/mounted/folder



I see. Unfortunately I am not a CLI expert.

You will need to wait for someone with more knowledge in that specific area.

Take care.

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