When is the fuse for mac version going to be available?

I have noticed on this forum that there should be a beta of fuse on Mac release in a ‘few weeks’. This should fix the problems caused by the WebDAV bug in MacOS High Sierra.

Is there any news on when this is going to be released?

I am struggling to use the mac client as it keeps umounting and I use it to encrypt files, and the android client to read my encrypted files.

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Yeah, it was and actually still is quite challenging. We’re getting closer and closer to a beta release that we feel comfortable with. It’s done when it’s done. Thank you for your patience!

Thanks for the reply… Sounds like you have done 80% of the work and now just need to complete the other 80.


Excuse me for reopening this post after a long time.
I’ve noticed that version 1.4.0 is available with FUSE support on Mac.

My question is: what’s the benefit using FUSE for a common user?
I don’t use WebDAV (I don’t know what’s for, btw).


To put it simple: Performance.

WebDAV is a protocol for accesing a filesystem over network, therefore it has several layers and certain constraints. On the upside it is supported on nearly every system, therefore it was the first thing to support to make Cryptomator system independent.