What's the best way to use Cryptomator for iCloud and iOS?

Can we set up Crtyptomator such that all photos, videos, docs, contacts, etc that are eligible for iCloud backups are automatically encrypted prior to back up to iCloud?

Or I have to create a vault, move all items to this vault, and then upload this vault to iCloud? Ideally, Cryptomator should work in background and encrypt relevant information, ideally in-place. That’s end-to-end encryption: information has to be encrypted before Apple has it (otherwise, what’s the point).

The issue is, some info is automatically backed up to iCloud as soon as it’s generated. Removing it from iCloud and moving it to a vault is of no help, because iCloud already has an unencrypted version.

No, thats not possible actually:
1st of all: the iOS version does not have any auto upload features. (Update: with Version 2.0 iOS shortcut integration was introduced. So you can automate photo upload)
2nd, the iCloud backup function is a closed function. you can not put “software” in between the process to encrypt this backup e2e.

Yes. But be aware that cryptomator is for files. If you are talking about fotos, documents or something like this: yes. If you are talking about contacts, system-backups, etc: then no because you can not put them into a vault.

That’s correct. You have to disable Apples iCloud backup if you do not trust their privacy policy. But cryptomator is not a suitable app to replace the apple backup.


Ok, thank you!

The issue is iOS is closed source and even if I disable iCloud it could still upload data. I wanted data that they collect from users to be encrypted data only using Cryptomator. But I agree full privacy is a different story.