What's included in the $13.99 price on Play Store

Hi there!

What do I get if I buy Cryptomator on Play Store for $13.99? How many platforms can I use it on? How many devices etc.? Are there any limitations at all?


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A valid copy of the full featured Cryptomator Android App.

You can use the Android App on any Android Smartphone.

There are no such restrictions.

If you want to use Cryptomator on your iOS, you have to pay for the iOS app. And if you want dark mode for your desktop applications, you have to accquire a supporter certificate. But apart from those two, none that I know of.

Hopefully, that answers all your questions.

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Thanks mate.
So if I buy it on a current device, do I get the licence that I can use on other devices?

Yes. The license is personal and is bind. As infeo wrote, you can use it on as many devices (of the same os) as you own.

  1. you own an iPhone and an android phone. You need an iOS license and an android license.
  2. you have an iPad and an iPhone, both connected to your Apple id: you need one iOS license (means you by it once in the AppStore)

Ok then, so when I buy, I’ll get the license number and when I try using Cryptomator on another device, it will ask me for the license number?


Yes, that is true :slight_smile: !

Ok I bought it but I don’t see the license number anywhere, I just paid and installed like a normal app.

So how do I use it on other devices then without paying again?

You have to use the same google account on the other device. The playstores manages your purchases/licenses.

Ah ok thanks. Got confused as someone mentioned I’d get a licence number:)

Sorry for the confusion, I thought you want to buy a license key using our website (https://cryptomator.org/android) and not the Google Playstore. Do you require the license key on the other device or can you install it using the Playstore on this device as well?