What to backup offline?

Hi, I read all the posts I could find regarding safeguarding the “masterkey.cryptomator” file. But this one makes me wonder if the key is all that I need to back up.

In case it makes a difference, I use v. 1.5.17 for reasons outlined in my previous posts.

So far, I have backed up offline:

  • “masterkey.cryptomator” file
  • “masterkey.cryptomator.bkup” file
  • the recovery “seed” (word-string)

But the linked post also mentions the folder “m” for metadata. Should I also back that up? Or anything else for that matter? For clarity, I’m talking strictly about backing up elements related to the Cryptomator Vault functionality! Any actual user-produced data will be backed up periodically offline in cleartext from unlocked vault.

Cryptomator needs only the masterkey file and the vault.cryptomator file an a d folder to recognise your folder as a vault. But the vault.cryptomator file was introduced later than version 1.5. so yes; the masterkey file is all.
But I am curious. Why would you backup this at all if you do backups of your vault contents anyway. If your vault is gone, just create a new one and copy your backed up data into the new vault. Or do I miss something.

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If you simply back up the entire vault directory, you will be okay.
I keep my vaults on a cloud server and periodically back them up to a local SSD as they are too big to fit on my PC.

Same as LeoW … I do however have a third backup to an off internet Home Server NAS works a treat … :slight_smile:

Hundreds of gigabytes take time to move around, no matter if over USB or the Internet. If I’m ever unable to open my vault, it’s quick to try if perhaps the “masterkey.cryptomator” file got corrupted. If substituting the backed up file doesn’t help, well, it’s time to get started with the offline cleartext backups of the user data. But it gives me a shot at a potentially quick solution.