What precautions to take when mounting a vault on an SMB share

I want to access my vault from all my devices at home

I currently have it on an SMB share
I use Win, Mac and Linux

Do I need to unmount the vault before mounting it on another device?

What other things should I keep in mind to avoid (silent) data loss?

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No. But you have to watch out when editing the same file simultanously on different devices, because you could overwrite already made changes.

Backups. In th following thread was a discussion about backup stratgies:


It is important to regularly back up your encrypted vault while none of the clients are using the Vault or have it open with a word doc open for example.

If you are interested in being able to access your Vault from outside your home say from your cell phone there is a free version of a peer-to-peer encrypted tunnel software that I use and recommend.

It is designed so that you can run it on your computer whether it be windows or Linux or Mac that is running the SMB share.

Then you install the software on your cell phone which you will find in the App Store. It is supported on both the iPhone and android.

It’s called Tailscale.

Essentially, you will have a dedicated private encrypted IP address for your SMB server in your house and another on your cell phone and you can point a remote on your cell phone’s cryptometer software to the tailscale IP address of the share.

I use it to access my network attached storage server from outside my house.

Using the software is free so long as you are using it with no more than three user IDs and realistically you only need one.

There is another program that you can run on Mac OS Linux or Windows that can synchronize your vault or data or whatever it is you want from your house to your Cloud store. It’s called Rclone. It’s open source and free and can be a little tricky at first so if you have any questions let me know. It is a command line utility that you can put in a batch file and schedule to run or manually run it.

I can provide you with a few sample commands that you will want to know if that is a way that you are interested in going or trying.

There is another program that you can use for free that can synchronize data from your house to a Cloud store on a regular schedule and it’s a graphical user interface program. It’s called GoodSync.

They allow you up to three free sync tasks.