What linux Google Drive manager complements Cryptomator best?

I have been awware of Cryptomator for so time but now that you have autostart working with keyring I want to start using to sync my main personal files across my systems.

I have been using Insync for years but I have experienced bugs and duplications with it during that time. I want to try something new. I was considering Overgrive but there is very bad feedback about the developer. I looked at the opensource version of odrive/opendrive and vgrive but they seem to be unmaintained. I tried google-drive-ocamlfuse but it did not suit my needs.

The commercial version of odrive seems to offer a lot in the free version, and I was going to try use that with Cryptomator?

I would prefer open source. If commercial I am happy to pay a small fee but not a recurring subscription. Selective sync and confirmation of sync in the menubar and/or Nautilus are important to me. One way backup from local to Google Drive would be a great bonus.

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Did you find a solution which works for you yet. I am looking for something too for days.

I tried the following so far:

  • google-drive-ocamlfuse
  • rclone

Both work okay with some scripting, if you mount the drive, but it is suuuper slow, since it’s just mounted and downloads the files on the fly when accessing them. And you don’t really see if the sync is done if you change files in the mounted dirs…

When I want to get better performance, it is rclone. The issue here is that there is no 2-way-sync like we know from Google Backup & Sync for Windows. You need to decide wheter you sync local->drive or drive->local. Since the Cryptomator vault has encrypted names, it’s impossible to decide where version is the latest.

I never tried Insync, since I read not that good about it recently, but I guess it has a real 2-way-sync, right?