What if Cryptomator's encryption malfunctions?


I love using and supporting Cryptomator but some time ago I have started to have one concern.

What if the software’s encryption malfunctions and I will lose access to my data while still having my password? Basically - my data will be corrupted by Cryptomator because of some bug for instance.

Is that in any way real scenario or something I shouldn’t worry about?

Thank you in advance for any responses!

My opinion: Data corruption or data loss or data damage (unintended modifications) is always an issue and can happen at any time. No matter which software or encryption or hardware is used. This is why a solid backup strategy is a must have for your critical files (or in general all files you don’t want to loose)
As always I recommend a 3-2-1 backup strategy

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That’s the simplest and the most real response I could get, thank you.

If there is anything I could read besides of Security Architecture and the code itself to assess the risk of Cryptomator’s malfunction, I would appreciate posting that here :pray: