What happens if I delete vault mount folder?

If I mounted a vault to a folder, what happens if I accidently deleted that folder?

If you want to open a vault that is mounted to a custom path, and the designated folder is not existing (or it is not empty), then you’ll receive a corresponding error message when you try to unlock the vault (folder does not exist or is not empfty).
Important: you will not loose data, as this folder is only your mountpoint and shows an unencrypted version of your files. The “actual” (encrypted) file/folders are stored in the folder of your vault.

It gets a bit more tricky when you accidently rename the mountpoint folder when a vault is actually mounted and open.
Because then you will obviously “loose” the connection to your vault, but there’s no error message. The error message comes only when you try to open a vault.
I played a bit around and it turned out, even if I rename the folder bach to its correct mountpoint name, the “connection” to the vault was not re-established, and my mountpoint folder behaved like a normal folder and nothing was encrypted when I copied files in it. If I closed the vault and unlocked it again, I received the error message above, because the files I tried to copy into my vault were actually just saved (unencrypted) in the mountpoint folder.
I managed to re-establisch the “connection” only when I clicked “reveal drive”. Then it seems like the system “remembers” that this is a mount point, and not just a normal folder.

To come to a conclusion:

  1. you can just create a test vault and play with your fears :slight_smile:
  2. if you delete you mountpoint by accident, you cannot open your vault anymore. you will not loose data that is in the vault. Just close your vault, recreate the mountpoint folder and open your vault again
  3. you better not rename the mountpoint by accident during the vault is open, because you might not notice that nothing you do from now is happening IN you vault, but only in the mountpoint folder. (so far my tests on windows)

It wont let me. It says “A file or directory with the vault name already exists” but that’s the point because I dont have a the cryptokey thing