What happens if I accidentally delete the files in the parent folder?

Apologies in advance if this has been answered before (really couldn’t find anything) and/or if this is a stupid question.

I’m in the process of migrating over from Boxcryptor and was wondering what would happen if I or someone else accidentally deleted the parent (if that’s what it’s called) folder in OneDrive, i.e. the file that looks like this:

I supposed I could just copy the files and save them in a different location (e.g. Google Drive) so that I can restore them if needed, but that only seems to restore the items that were in the folder at the time of saving in Google Drive and not anything added afterwards (I’ve tried it out).

I hope I’m making myself clear…


Encrypted cryptomator vault files do behave like any other files. If they are not available any more, you can’t access your data anymore.
If you loose your entire vault folder, well then your vault is lost and you need a backup to restore.

Like with any other files: the only way to cover data loss is a solid backup strategy.

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