What do I do with the CRYPTOMATOR_RECOVERY directory?

Hi there, I ran the “health check” on a directory, selecting all the checks. After the check terminated, cryptomator (“cm”) said there was some problem (I forget the name) and asked if it should fix. I have backups run daily etc. so I let it go ahead. That fixing process ran, and then pronounced everything to be shipshape now.
So far so good. Some days later, however, I see that it has created a CRYPTOMATOR_RECOVERY folder at the top level when I decrypt the vault in question.

That folder in turn has a subfolder with a name like 7PEX…E7W2Y and within which are files with the name pattern of fileN_hig for N=1 to 54. Those _hig files are various files within the vault.

Those files already open up fine with the original intact names in the vault, so I am now puzzled by what I should do with this whole directory.

Could someone help? I imagine a readme.txt file in that directory will also be useful for future users who will undoubtedly have the same question I am putting to you, so please consider that as well


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