What characters does Cryptomator NOT accept for my passphrase?

I ask because I want to make my passphrase as complex as possible.

Can I use these?

€ £ ¥ ° ~ ? «» ‹› ` (grave accent) ´ (acute accent) ˆ (circumflex)

What about these?

ß Ð ð ╫ ƒ Ω † √ Þ þ ¶ ‽ µ ω Ë ë ¡ (inverted exclammation)

There are online services like Mega, that accept all theses characters for passwords so I want to know.

The other reason I am asking is because a lot of websites have this bug where they will mistakenly allow you to create a password which contains special characters they don’t accept. This is very misleading because when you then try to log in with that password it won’t work. It’ll say wrong password when it isn’t. You’ll get locked out of your account through no fault of your own.

I don’t want that to happen. I want to be sure that if Cryptomator DOES NOT accept certain characters, that I won’t be allowed to create a password with them.

And that if Cryptomator DOES accepts special characters, that it will work when I try to log in with them.


Another Yes.

Basically you have the whole Unicode for choosing a password, including non-printable characters. And there is no difference regarding password processing between vault creation and vault unlocking.

Fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to reply so promptly. On a weekend at that!

Keep in mind that a larger alphabet doesn’t increase security as much as a longer password does.

Let a be the size of your alphabet and n be the length of your password, then the number of possible passwords is aⁿ. I.e. a brute force attack becomes way more difficult by increasing n than by increasing a.