Webdav box storage stopped working from cryptomator 2 ios

my webdav box storage from cryptomator ios 2 stopped working today. i tried deleting the cloud connection and readd, received the wrong username and/or password message.

With the same credential, i was manage to connect from my mac desktop. so there’s nothing wrong with the credential and box webdav url.

Rebooted my iphone and tried again, same error message on cryptomator.

I tried adding another cloud (onedrive). no issue.
Anybody else facing same problem with box storage from cryptomator ios today?

Thank you.

seems like box.com ended their Webdav support years ago.

I wonder how you were able to use it until now?

EDIT: Sorry, they ended only the support, but let user still use it “as long as it works”.

my bad.
Please read point 6 in their description. maybe this helps.

oh man, thank you Michael!
Did the point 6. fixed my box webdav issue. works wonderfully now on cryptomator after i login from web once.

Thanks again!

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