WebDAV / Box.com plus 2FA


I am trying to connect to box.com from the iOS app using the WebDav link. I am using 2 factor authentication on box.com. There is no chance to enter the code sent to my mobile from box.com. I get an “invalid user account/password” error from the app. I assume this is because I did not enter the 2FA code. Is this correct? Does the WebDAV connection not foresee the 2FA? Is this planned?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Maybe this article helps: https://community.box.com/t5/How-to-Guides-for-Managing/WebDav-with-Box/ta-p/310

The only thing that sticks out to me is that you can create an external password for WebDAV logins. Even though it says SSO in the article, it may apply to 2FA as well.

Hi and and thanks for your reponse! I have seen this page as well. I think that the setting/option “disappears” when you activate the 2FA. I don’t have any options like this (“Create External Password”) under Account Settings > Account tab. Hmm, so I guess it’s not currently possible. I can contact box.com and see if they have a suggestion; maybe a code “snippet” that could be used… :slight_smile:

According to this, they’ve removed the word “external”: https://community.box.com/t5/Box-Troubleshooting-Forum/New-UI-external-password/td-p/24113

Maybe it’s just “Change Password” now? I’m not sure because they’re talking about SSO again. :sweat_smile: But yeah, if nothing helps, it’s probably best to contact Box’s support team. :smile:

Hi again and thanks for the reponses! I have contact with Box (finally). Is there any “beta tester” possibility with cryptomator? Can I get a beta license for iOS to test with the box support team?

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Currently, we don’t have a beta test running for iOS. If the Box support team needs a promo code to debug the issue, they can contact us at support@cryptomator.org