Webdav and 2FA support optimisation


several cloud storage providers offer webdav with 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication). Usually you have the credentials as follows
usename is the normal username
password consists of password:2fanumber, e.g. test:123456
The separator between password an 2fanumber (here : ) can of course change depending on the provider.

This works with cryptonator, but obviously only for one session. Afterwards it is wrong password as the 2fanumber changes. Thus I have to enter password and 2fa number again, which is quiet cumbersome. Would it be possible in case of the wrong password to simply prompt again having the full password masked and I replace the 6 digits?

Otherwise great software! Hopefully some more European cloud storage providers can be supported (e.g. Telekom, Strato Hidrive, Hetzner Storage box etc.) natively so that I dont have to enter the 2FA on registered devices. They work via Webdav fine.

Thank you a lot. I am happy to donate for such a software.

best regards

Please check if your provider gives the option to set up a separate application password when using 2FA and WebDAV. Some do so you don’t have to change the 2FA in you credentials with every log in.