We detected an outdates version of a third party library

Hello, so far Cryptomator has been running very well on Windows and Android. Now it no longer works on the PC. Then I wanted to do an update.
I previously uninstalled the program, then I wanted to reinstall. However, I always get a message regarding “Dokan”, see screenshot.
Can someone help me?

Hi. Please do exactly what is written in the message.
Go to “App and features” in your windows setting, and uninstall “Dokan Library”
Then reboot your system and start the cryptomator installation again.
This will install a newer version of Dokan Library.

PS: Dokan is a third party library that is not automatic uninstalled when you uninstall cryptomator, because it might be used by other software as well. This message is a reminder that the version you have installed is too old to work properly with the cryptomator version you want to install.


Hi, thanks for the quick response.
But unfortunately it doesn’t work. As soon as I uninstall the Dokan, it always comes back immediately. I tried it with Windows and already with CCleaner. I just can’t get it off.

I managed to delete Dokan and then install the new version of Cryptomator. Unfortunately, the program still could not be started. Then, as described, I moved the old Cryptomator file and then tried to take the backup file. Unfortunately, I also get an error there. please refer