Video streaming from inside vaults

Hi pals.

I’ve been wondering, is it possible to stream videos from a vault stored in Google Drive?

I mean, stream like on Kodi or VLC. Something similar?

Is there any plugin for some video player app in wich you can stream videos, without needing to download it to your computer, then decrypt, then watch?

It may be a little bit dumb question, but I’ve searched around and haven’t found any answer…

It will be really useful to stream direct to Kodi, or VLC.


At least I never heard of anything like it. And although I’m not really deep into the encryption scheme, I cannot imagine that it’s designed to decrypt files but by bit while them.

So I would say: no, you’ll have the file locally. Maybe it’s possible to start it from the vault but I’m not sure if it’s decrypted fast enough to be played directly. (But I didn’t try it so far)

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@Michael, thankyou for answering.
with a lot of add-ons and plugins nowadays for softwares like Kodi and VLC I think (as non developer as I am) that it will be plenty useful.
in my case, I have a lot of curses in one of my cloud vaults, and it will be very nice to stream it, without the needing of downloading it first.
if theres anyone interested in developing an plugin, addon, or anything similar, and may I help in some way, ill be proud of making it happen.

from desktop you can easily achieve this with mountain duck.
best thing for vlc which already supports sftp would be an addon (the cryptomator devs are a bit lazy with sftp support which is not understandable at all since it would bring so much freedom to many users).

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completely agreed Mr. @telemarker

I found it in the IOS app.
The name of the application is “CryptCloudViewer”.

But I’m on Android!
It seems to be technically possible, so I hope the official app will support this.

Hey, Mr @yora, amazing discovery.
Nice to know that at least one dev is caring about this feature.
I think it would be useful if more applications come up to android, android tv, windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
The best way to do it, I think, would be a VLC plugin that can be used in a variety of Operational Systems…
But as long as I’m not a developer, I can only wait for the time to pass until someone feels the need for it…
Today I’m going to check this app that you recommended.