Very slow (browsing, opening, and moving encrypted files = always "spinning wheel") due to antivirus program

I am using Cryptomator together with Dropbox on a M1 Mac and browsing and opening encrypted files or drag and dropping new files in the finder folder slows down my whole machine, constantly getting the spinning rainbow ball when moving into another folder. I literally can not do anything because the finder freezes whenever I access the folder. I am also using macFuse.

I already found out the reason due to a related older post: It has to do with the antivirus program (I use Avira, but other person used another antivirus program). Once I switch the antivirus off, everything seems to work normal. But I do not want everytime to switch of the Antivirus program… can cryptomator work only without using antivirus? Any workarounds or help appreciated, thank you so much!