Version 1.7.x decryption is slow

When the Cryptomator vault is open, Windows 11 explorer is slow to open (probably due to slow decryption). It takes about 4 seconds vs instantaneous with the vaults closed. The onedrive vault is 1GB and the DropBox vault is 500GB. I don’t remember that version 1.6.x was this slow.

This is 12th generation i7 with 64GB RAM and SSD drive.

same experience using 1.7.2 with Windows 11 on Lenovo P14s with 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1260P 2.10 GHz 16GB RAM & SSD, latest Windows patches installed - CPU workload near 100%, network up/down < 100kBit

Same here (very fast box, version 1.7.2), unusable with many files inside vault, explorer freezes. Cannot work with that anymore.

Could you please change the volume type to WinFsp (Local Drive) and try again? Make sure to restart Cryptomator after changing this setting.

I’m having same issues… ridiculously slow on a ZBook workstation… just creating a new file or copying files in… It seems like it stalls out, but then when it finally starts, it goes at a reasonable speed… It seems to be getting lost… Cryptomator and Explorer do not seem to be using higher CPU during the stallout… it’s like there’s a delay before it actually does anything… during that delay, the Explorer window is “timed out”. Other explorer windows work fine, other apps work fine during the stall out.

Hope this can be fixed, because this is painful…

And yes using WinFSP (Local Drive)

I also note that clicking on a “Browse for file” dialog button in Google Chrome takes FOREVER (sometimes 1-2 minutes) to load the dialog window. Once the dialog window is up, navigating to the file is normal. But close out Cryptomator and it shows up immediately.

Then maybe the other way round, does WinFsp (the “regular” one) make a difference in performance?

I’m not able to use WinFSP regular… due to my current setup… I have it set to mount to a folder. If I don’t do that then my backup system doesn’t see the unencrypted files. The backup service I use (CrashPlan) is set to automatically use E2EE…

Same problem with Acronis backup. Both WinZip backup ($$$) and Personal Backup (free) can backup to mounted files if WinFSP is used.

Same issue here: Performance was great up until including 1.6. Since moving to 1.7 (currently on 1.7.3) it takes ~3-5 seconds before a file opens. Windows 10 Pro, fast machine. Volume type was left to default.

Changed volume type to WinFsp (Local Drive) as suggested and things are much better. At least first impressions from manually opening files shows good performance. Not sure yet if on the same level as 1.6 but for sure much, much better than the ~3-5s.