Version 1.7.1 doesn't work correct on Win11 64bit

my Thumbnail-Program (Acdsee Home 2023) is not able to render thumbnails :frowning: - XNView is working … I wonder why ? … WinFSP and WebDAV both do not work … :frowning: very frustrating. I guess I’ve to leave Cryptomator … as I left Boxcryptor already … not Trust in future stability … BetaUsers seems not to test everything … (Basics)

…and right-click on Tabbar-Icon still doesn’t work immediately … it takes almost a minute before submenu is openning. . I always have to start the App via Program to unlock/lock faster :frowning:

1.7.1 seems to be crashing if left idle too long. I’ll come back to my computer frozen. That’s the only problem I see…