Version 1.5.8 Mounting as Network Drives

Hi, I just upgraded to this new version and I had drives assigned to letters so I could sync them. Now they still show the drive letter assignments inside of Cryptomator, but in Window, I only get a network drive. The data is there and safe, but GoodSync can’t see the network files to sync them.

What did I do wrong?

Just to avoid misunderstandings: you followed these steps and can find the Cryptomator virtual drives, but not the files in it?

Thank you for your kind reply. That’s right. I can find the network drives in GoodSync, but they don’t show files or folders when I try to drill down. But my real question is what changed? I used to have CM partitions show up with a drive letter, can I not still do that? I’d like to have my partitions show up as drive M and N and then Goodsync would work just fine.

Yes, that is default configuration.
Maybe you changed that by mistake.
To change/check that:
First check which volume type is selected.

  1. Goto Setting (of cryptomator app).
  2. select 2nd tab
  3. check if volume type is “dokany”.

Then we have to check the vault setting

  1. Click on your (closed) vault in the vault list.
  2. select “Vault options”
  3. select 2nd tab “Volume”
  4. check if the option is enabled to configure a drive letter and check the configured drive letter.
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YOU, my friend, are a genius - worked like a charm! When I updated last time the installation halted because I had an old (I’m guessing?) version of dokany, and it told me to uninstall it.

I uninstalled CM, reinstalled it along with the current dokany component, and VIOLA! I got my drive letters back.

I very much appreciate your quick and insightful response.

Thank you!

PS I love this software and appreciate it keeping my data safe.

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