Version 1.4.0 Observations

I just installed 1.4.0. Revealing my local 25 file/5MB vault takes a full minute. After is is revealed it still takes a full minute if I select reveal again. WebDAV took seconds to reveal. I also noticed that while Cryptomator is revealing my vault I cannot access my Google Backup & Sync application in the system tray (where I keep my primary vault). This may be normal operation, but I just thought I would mention it. It does not seem like Cryptomator would need to lockup my Google Backup & Sync application while it is revealing my vault.

Why were the mount/eject options removed? I rather liked the higher security of being able to eject/remount my unlocked vault with Cryptomator rather than leave it mounted all the time since other apps can read/access mounted vaults. I tend to leave my primary vault unlocked throughout all of my windows sessions.

Kudos to you for fixing the options window when the Cryptomator icon is right clicked in the system tray. It now displays “Open”/”Quit” where it was just a blank window in previous versions.

Same here! When I mount the my vault with Dokany, it takes ages. Every time I refresh my mounted drive, it takes 1 minute or so to show the files.
Other symptoms I’ve observed are sometimes Windows reports as if the drive is not readable.
It seems to be a good idea to move away from WebDAV but I would say that it’s not very stable with Dokany at this point.