Vault won’t unlock on Linux Mint 20.2


I am able to unlock my vault on macOS and Linux (Pop OS 21.04) but for some reason it won’t unlock on Linux Mint 20.2.

When I either paste or write my password to unlock the vault, the password window shakes as if it’s not the right password.

If I change the vault’s password in Linux Mint 20.2, I can successfully use it but then I can’t unlock it in either MacOS or Pop OS.

I am using Cryptomator 1.5.17 on all three systems.

Help please!

Thank you.

Then the pasted password was either incomplete or got changed by the textfield.

When you enter the password, you see an eye symbol in the text field. Click it to reveal the cleartext password and compare it with the ones you use on macOS/Pop OS.

Hi Infeo,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I triple checked on all systems and can confirm the password is correct, I used the eye symbol on all three to make sure. I managed to fix the issue by changing the password though, not sure if there’s a character in there that is just not working as expected.

This is the old password:


Is it possible that the dash “-” symbol was causing issues? Or the number 1 at the end?

Thank you.

Really strange. None of the characters cause troubles, they are far away from being special.

The only thing i can imagine is, that on your mint machine an old version of the masterkey.cryptomator file was present and with the password change it got synced to the newest version. Because it still holds: If the password field shakes, the entered password is wrong.

Did you ticked the box “Save Password in keychain” ?

I did indeed tick the box “Save Password in keychain”.

I found a couple of interesting things yesterday when changing my password:

  • When pasting the old password to unlock the vault in macOS, I noticed an exclamation symbol appear right next to the eye symbol. It was a triangle with a “!” in the middle of it. This symbol went away with the new password though.

  • I use a password manager (Bitwarden) and there’s some odd behaviours happening when copy pasting items within it. Or so it seems…

  • When I originally created the vault, I copied the password and the recovery key from Cryptomator to Bitwarden. I copied it to a regular text field. I then used these credentials to unlock the vault in macOS, PopOS, Linux Mint, etc. (macOS and PopOS worked, Mint and Windows didn’t).

  • Before I changed my password yesterday, I decided to copy [within Bitwarden] the vault credentials from a text field to a login field as it’s simpler to copy/paste. However, by doing so both the password and the recovery key stopped working on all systems! Cryptomator wouldn’t take them anymore (I triple checked, all characters matched).

  • To confirm that potentially the issue lies with Bitwarden somehow, I copy pasted the recovery key directly from Cryptomator to Bitwarden’s login field. And this time, all worked well in all systems.

It’s very odd indeed, but thought it would be worth sharing as this might happen to other users in the future.